Smart automation technology can be challenging and a bit intimidating but OneAdvantEdge can help simplify your concerns so you can take the first step in choosing and building a smart system that will provide comfort for years to come.

With more and more companies releasing smart products into the market for automated use, it’s no wonder more people are adopting them into their projects in order to experience a more controlled environment. Automation refers to the way all of your devices and appliances can interconnect so that anyone with the proper permissions can dictate the way they react according to individual preference.

What are some benefits of an automation system?

- Automation systems allow you to unify different apps and efficiently facilitates a process that would typically require multiple steps to accomplish a unique desired outcome (commonly known as a “scene”).


Imagine you are about to watch a movie in the family room of your home or about to setup for a client meeting inside the conference room of your office. The whole family is seated and ready to watch a movie so you stand up from the couch to dim the lights, lower the shades, turn on the TV/surround sound and adjust the climate in order to set the mood for the event or you’re seated with your clients in the conference room and you have to stand up to dim the lights, lower the shades, turn on the projector/audio and adjust the climate so you can begin your presentation. That entire process could have been simplified with a SAVANT automated system using a scene titled “movie” or “meeting” which initiates and executes the entire process with the push of a button without ever having to interrupt the gathering. While that’s just two scenarios, the SAVANT application will allow you to have full control of your lights, audio, video, climate any other system that is a part of your automation package.

- Saving energy is another great benefit of an automation system which can be acquired by scene creations in order to control how much lighting is required by dimming them to a specific level throughout different times of the day. Controlling automatic shades to block out the sun’s UV rays throughout the day can also assist with energy savings; by adjusting the amount of sunlight that enters the room you can control your home's temperature which will, in turn, allow your HVAC unit(s) to work more efficiently.

- Safeguarding your property with an automation system allows you to access it remotely so you can take action on any notifications you might receive such as an intrusion, a fire, water leaks or any other device warning and allows you to feel safer since you can control the system remotely. Some remote actions you might take after receiving a notification might include accessing your security alarm to disarm or arm it, view your surveillance system in real-time to verify an issue, or simply turn on specific lights for a better view. Another great way to feel safe is by creating a scene when you are getting home that creates a pathway, opens the garage door and turns on all of the perimeter lights within the home (the possibilities are endless).

What makes automation work?

- Smart technology is made possible by automation (programming that allows the device(s) and components to respond a specific way) and it is important to note that automation itself is possible through a central processor which allows for these components to respond according to how they are programmed and offer consolidated control through a single platform application and/or app.

OneAdvantEdge allows you to be more efficient and provides convenience through seamless control of your automated system so you can easily navigate and set schedules or desired scenes. We begin all of our automation with the control of specified audio zones and from there we unify multiple systems that work together to complete the automated experience. The possibilities are endless when it comes to automation systems but we can further guide you into creating a system that best fits your needs.