The equipment rack is the central station for your system components. Everything from audio to video to security and network is installed here. For this reason, it is important that each room contain an AC vent and exhaust fans within the rack itself in order to maintain the correct temperature around the components. Additionally, all wires and components should be properly identified and kept clean.

OneAdvantEdge includes power distribution units and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) in all of our racks to protect all data lines and electronic devices from line noise that run through electrical outlets and damaging surges that might originate from a lightning strike.

The goal of these units is to provide power without interruption in order to allow enough time to shut down the equipment rack if needed so that nothing connected to it gets damaged or to keep your system online whenever there are minor spikes in the circuits. The internal power supply or source that allows for this to take place is achieved through a battery backup that the UPS contains. Surge protectors, power distribution units, and UPS management solutions help safeguard your component and devices to ensure that no damage is caused in the event an outage and is the first line of defense to keep things running as they should.

OneAdvantEdge also provides an energy surge protection solution for your entire property as an option for your project. More information can be obtained at our experience center or by visiting the Rosewater Energy Group at www.rosewaterenergy.com