Most architectural homes are now designed to include floor to ceiling windows or glass walls in order to allow more natural light to come into the space and for the homeowner to enjoy the outside views. The downside to this however can be a loss in privacy/security, not to mention, figuring out what kind of window treatments are best suitable for each available space. Motorized shades are a great solution for these kinds of homes or any automation project as they offer great benefits that will continue to carry over year after year.

Motorized shading solutions provide protection to your fine art, furniture, walls, and flooring by minimizing the amount of sunlight that enters different areas at different times of the day. Timing them to lower and raise at the exact time the sun is present reduces glare and harmful ultra violet light to ensure that your paintings remain vibrant, your floors remain shiny, and that your rugs do not fade.

Window treatments have always been an integral part of a home but they don’t provide the convenience and aren’t as energy efficient as the motorized shading solutions available today. Ever wonder why your energy bill keeps going up during the summer months? The answer can be traced back to your air conditioning unit which has been set to a specific temperature and is working overtime to try and maintain it throughout the house. Motorized shades can be programmed to run on a schedule so they can be opened or closed anytime during the day. You can also change the positions quickly and simultaneously by simply pressing a button on a keypad or your smartphone allowing you to save time and take full control of the amount of light needed to create the perfect mood.

Motorized shading solutions have a clean modern design that can contribute to the aesthetic and personality of any home or room. Multiple fabrics, colors, and styles are available in order to achieve the desired look and feel to compliment your décor. Fabrics can be customized to block out more or less light depending on the amount of fabric that is used and window treatments include roller shades, solar shades, roman shades, and drapery to name a few.

Safety and security are also up on the list when discussing motorized shades. Parents and pet owners no longer have to worry about dangling cords as a safety concern because these automated shading solutions are completely child and pet proof. With simultaneous control, you and your family can obtain instant privacy with a touch of a button from anywhere in the house. Long gone are the days of manually adjusting windows or having to worry about those hard to reach areas. They can also be placed on a schedule or managed remotely while you are traveling or on vacation to give the illusion of occupancy while your away on vacation.