Internet Access vs Wi-Fi Connection:

There seems to be a common misconception when it comes to differentiating between internet access and a wi-fi connection.

Internet Access

Internet access, on the other hand, is what connects you to the outside world and what allows your devices to access internet based services such as movies or music. You can control all aspects of your home through your wi-fi network but you don’t have any control over the internet other than the speed which is based on the service you are receiving. Typical home speeds in order for a whole home automation system to function properly should be no less than 50Mbps but with the amount of streaming these days and larger systems it is not uncommon to see even greater speeds.

Wi-Fi Access

A Wi-Fi is your local wireless network connection which allows your devices to communicate with one another and is made possible through your router.

Your network reliability is critical for making sure your system is running to its full potential. Signals between devices can become weak or lost when they are far away from each other or can also be obstructed by certain materials and electronic equipment within a space. Access points are hardwired back to the router to compensate for distance and obstructions. By having Wi-Fi access points properly located within your property will guarantee you receive seamless coverage no matter where you are.