OneAdvantEdge provides unparalleled smart technology integration throughout your entire home so you can interact and have total control of the property regardless if you are home or away from your property.

One common misconception we hear is that a home automation project is only available to those living in large estate homes. The reality is that no project is too small or too large as each one presented to us is tailored to the individual space available, clients budget, and the systems that are chosen for it. OneAdvantEdge caters our design based on specifications in accordance with what the owner wants to achieve regardless of whether the project is for a one bedroom condo, a single family home, or anything outside that range.

Another misconception is that automation projects are only available to newly constructed homes because of the pre-wiring that is done but remodeling an existing home is an option that can be accomplished without the need to break walls or re-wire the home. Typical solutions for these kinds of projects use radio frequencies to connect devices to your network in order to incorporate them into your automation central station.
Residential projects incorporate automated controls, audio speakers, video sources, lighting controls, automatic shades, climate control, pool controls, garage and entry door control, as well as devices throughout the space that allow the homeowner to manipulate the environment with a single touch of a button.

Within the 20 years of experience, OneAdvantEdge has developed a team of engineers, designers, and integrators that are passionate and committed to every project that is presented to them. With so many years of experience in multiple projects and finding solutions to problems that have come up along the way, we have gained invaluable knowledge that allows us to tackle any project no matter the size or location. In addition, our teamwork dynamic is open to communication and the ideas that are presented throughout different phases of the project allowing our clients to save time and money without affecting the quality of work.