In order for your components to function, they must be wired properly. An automated home is usually prewired according to the project design for each system that will be provided to the client. All cables are home run to the equipment closet or AV room which is where the equipment rack will reside. The wires chosen depend on the system that is being installed. The most common types to consider are category cables commonly referred to as ethernet (Cat5/5e, Cat6, Cat7) or fiber optic cables which come in single-mode or multi-mode fiber.

All of these cables can get the job done but the type of wire used for a project depend solely on the customer’s needs and budget. Wiring distance and the speed at which the information is transferred are two important factors to consider before the commencement of a project but both choices have their downsides.

Category cables have evolved through the times making them a reliable cost-effective choice with faster transfer rates but they have a length limit of 328 feet. Fiber optic cables use light to transmit information which makes them the fastest option available to date but they are more expensive, however, using fiber optic as an option may be considered in shorter distances when incorporating high resolution video components like large 4K TV’s, 4K cinema projectors, or when interconnecting multiple audio/video rooms for faster compressed data context especially in video signals.

Another type of wire used in low voltage projects is for audio speakers which are measured by the size or gauge dependent on the installation. The main factor to consider when choosing speaker/audio wire is the manufacturer brand. Examples of wire size range from 16/4, 14/4, 12/xx, 10/xx, etc.

Future speakers will be designed to use category cables as the new technology is changing instead of standard copper wire used today known as POE audio speakers using the ABV technology.

OneAdvantEdge uses cables that are certified and made in the USA. The wire manufacturer that we select are tested in our lab prior to project installation taking place.