Door Bell & Intercom

Modern video doorbells are connected to your smartphone so you are always alerted whenever someone rings the doorbell. An intercom feature allows for communication with that person and the units have night vision technology as well as a motion sensor feature which alerts you anytime there is movement near your front door.

Access Control System

Access control systems are a great way to secure and restrict entry to specific areas. Even though these kinds of systems are typically found in commercial type business environments there are non-commercial spaces that add them as well such as apartment complexes, country clubs, hospitals, schools and college campuses to name a few.

Physical keys become a thing of the past because these modern systems use access cards, fingerprints, or face recognition to access any restricted areas. Access control systems allow you to keep track of who enters and exits the property at any given time which can come in handy if there is ever a need for police to investigate a case.

Gate / Garage Door

Automated gates for your home keep your property safe from unauthorized entry. They provide security and give you complete control over who gains access at all times. Automated garage doors and gates provide convenience and peace of mind when added to your automated system or access control system because it will provide the ability to monitor and control remotely.