Since 2001, OneAdvantEdge has specialized in turnkey integration & automation of audio/video and lighting designs for clients throughout South Florida and the Caribbean Islands.

Our goal is to provide our client and their design team all the available resources and newest technology to guarantee that their home automation project is developed with the latest, most up to date technology and is delivered on time. Our team prides itself on maintaining the highest level of detail and providing support well after the physical work is complete.

Our core process includes custom design, engineering, installation, programming, and maintenance for every project that is presented to our team.

Our goal in the preliminary stages of this process is to educate our clients on the latest devices and technologies available in the market in order to design a “smart-system” project that not only covers your concerns but is also in line with your budget.



This is the initial step of the process where we open a dialogue with the client in order to understand their vision for the project, find out what experiences they’ve had with home automation if any, and discuss options.


Our design team will work and present the best possible system consistent with the specifications discussed at our initial meeting. The proposal will allow you to see the scope of work and materials necessary to complete your project. At this time, you have the opportunity to look over and give feedback on what has been presented prior to approval.


Proposal approval provides signatures which confirm and accept the terms and conditions set forth in order to sets the project in motion.


OneAdvantEdge prides itself on detail, cleanliness, and is client driven. Our technicians go through a rigorous training to make sure that your system not only performs at the highest possible level but that the work done inside your home is executed with the utmost care. Each component and wire are methodically designed to be in their designated location and everything is properly labeled which guarantees smooth troubleshooting for years to come in the event it is required.


Programming is the roadmap to every home automation system and it is what allows the client to truly customize their home. From timeclocks, to sequences, to scenes if you can think it well then it shall be done! Programming allows you to truly take control of your home no matter if you are home or not.


One of the final steps prior to the enjoyment of the system is to make sure it is running and responding as it was programmed. The homeowner has the ability to tweak certain aspects of the system at this time because what might have made sense pre-install does not work once the system comes online. OneAdvantEdge assists you with common practices and ideas to help you take full advantage of your new home automation system.


Support and maintenance are at the forefront of our work. OneAdvantEdge will continue to work with you if a question arises or if you experience a system malfunction. We value our existing clients so feel free to reach out so we can send one of our technicians to resolve the issue.