Thermostats are another important element to consider adding into your home automation project as it is the device that regulates the heating and cooling in a home based on temperature. Having these kinds of thermostats inside your home is another great way to cut down energy costs because it gives you the ability to monitor and control all sections of the home through your smartphone device.

The first step here is to identify the type of HVAC system in your home which is easily identified by the number of units present. From there, a remote controllable thermostat is chosen to program and incorporate into the project. Once you have control of your thermostat you can set the temperature to what it should be while you are home and what it should be while your away. Programming ahead of time guarantees that once you set it up you don’t have to micromanage the device. The only time you would need to make any adjustments is when the season changes or if there is a personal preference on any particular day or for a particular event.