Phone systems might seem outdated as a result of the new mobile device technology, however, often times are needed due to some areas where coverage might be compromised. Some homeowners might also benefit as they are being used throughout the house as an intercom system. Yet another benefit to having a phone system throughout your home is that they can also be used with your entry system which provides convenience for you and your family.


Phone systems are a must-have for any office setting as they allow employees to stay connected and conduct business. The entire system is made up of phone units that are spread throughout every workspace as well as specific units, speakers, and mics that are meant for conference rooms. The capabilities of these systems include answering service options and act as interconnected switchboard with multiple lines and extensions.

The development of these particular products is created with a focus on the fact that participants in a conference room setting will be speaking a few feet away with microphones in rooms that produce echoes. Finding the perfect conference call system design depends mainly on the layout and size of the room but other key elements play a role like the flooring and windows and glass (glass gives off more echo while carpeting and curtains improve acoustics).

Options for these systems include speakerphones which are designed for a single user, conference phone which is designed for use in an open-air environment and installed systems which are built into the room.

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