Offices and restaurants are implementing automation systems to take full advantage of the energy savings that compliment them. The addition of climate control systems, motorized shades, and lighting control solutions can save owners an average of 5-30% on energy bills.

The biggest energy offenders in buildings have to do with the heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and lights. Lights remain on constantly even if rooms aren't being occupied and the AC continues to run even during off hours. To remedy this, schedules can be created to use less energy when no one is around.

Most offices decide to automate their entire workspace while others decide to begin with a small area like their conference rooms. Automating conference rooms allow for better control of the ambiance and is a convenient way to prepare the room for presentations while giving attendees that wow factor.

Ultimately, automation systems for commercial properties make it much easier to run the building by allowing full control from the palms of your hands.