A home security system can warn and notify you and the police department of any intrusion within your property. The alert devices help deter any intruders and assist police to easily identify the location. Additional devices such as smoke/carbon monoxide and water leak detectors may also notify you and the monitoring company of an issue whether you are away from home or out of town.

While the security system may deter the intrusion the camera system will allow you to remotely see what is taking place wherever there is a device so you can take action. Built in sensors within specific cameras can identify and notify any encroachment which also assists you in determining a coarse of action.

Camera placement is an important factor to determine when designing your surveillance system because it is what provides the field of view. This includes the number of cameras necessary to protect the property and the buildings and walls that they are going to be placed on. Even though this is personal preference, OneAdvantEdge makes sure to pre-wire areas for future growth that might not have been initially decided during the design phase.

By implementing a security system that allows you to arm and disarm the system remotely and a surveillance system which allows you to see who is at your property, you can add a door lock system which have become popular due to the convenience of remotely opening and closing any entryways to the home. For example, you can allow access to any guests or service needed at the house from your smart device. This system is also applicable to your front gate or garage door entries.